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November 20, 2014
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November 20, 2014

Auto Gate Security

An effective automatic gate contributes greatly to enhance the security of your businesses and home as well as any other kind of property you own. Actel Technologies is an automatic Gate installation company in Nigeria and we play a vital role in installation and repair of automatic gates. Having a high quality automatic gate at your property isn’t something that you should take for granted. Besides ensuring that the security of your family and property is not compromised in any way, an autogate gives your residential or commercial property an attractive elegance view.

With such a high tech gate, the last thing, you will need to worry about is your pets and kids getting out into the streets without your knowledge. Our autogate company provides systems with automatic safety clutches that can be used for stopping autogate operation. With this blocking mechanism, you are able to contain your pets and children at your home and this will assure you peace of mind even when traveling.

Services we offer

* Free Consultation
* Best Prices
* Service & Quality
* Spareparts & Repairs

* High quality motors and bearings.
* Complete with 3 remotes, manual key & push button.
* Replacement parts available separately for all components : e.g. remote control, motors, arm, main circuit board, battery for automated gate systems.
* Our autogate prices are unbeatable with great service & warrantee.
* Free fine-tuning and maintenance during warrantee period.

When it comes to automatic gates in Nigeria you now know who to contact

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